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scenic view
David and Annette Janka
Specializing in scientific research and adventure cruises
in and around Prince William Sound
all photographs by David Janka
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Auklet Charter Services is different from other charter operations that run on set routes and schedules. The way we book our trips is affected by the specialized and custom nature of our services, especially in relation to our continuing involvement with agency and research work. Often our schedule does not begin to settle out until after the first of the year. Please contact us for details.

There have been tremendous improvements to cell phone and internet coverage in Prince William Sound. There are still gaps in the coverage. Depending on our route it may take a day or two to respond to an email or voice message.

Auklet Charter Services is based in Cordova but we work out of all Prince William Sound ports: Cordova, Valdez and Whittier. This means your trip does not have to start and finish in the same community.

Basic Rate Information

2018 RATES

Natural History-Adventure Trips Overnight/Multi-day Cruises

  • Primarily 3-7 days in length.
  • Shorter trips available on a very limited basis.
  • Customized and personal.
  • Natural history, glaciers, birds, hiking, scenery,
    photography, wildlife viewing, human history, kayaking.
  • Six person maximum.

Rates for 2018!
$300.00 per person per day
$1200.00 per day minimum (4 person equivalent)
$275.00 per person, per day with 5
$250.00 per person, per day with 6
6 person max

  • Includes licensed captain, great food w/cook, bedding, shower w/towels, Zodiac skiff excursions, shore hikes, insurance, safety equipment, fuels, harbor fees, head taxes and hiking user fees.
  • 6% sales tax on trips to or from Cordova.
  • Families welcomed - 25% off under 12.



Research/Work Charters

  • Quoted on request.
  • Rates may vary depending on the location, scope and
    duration of a project.
  • Federal procurement ready.
  • Insurance is with Sea-Mountain Insurance of Lynnwood, WA.
  • Unexpected fee or cost changes may vary rates.
Alaska mountains

Detailed information, additional photographs, vessel layout, wildlife viewing standards,
booking details and references available on request.

Alcohol is not served or sold aboard the Auklet.
Please, personal consumption in moderation.

The US Coast Guard has a long-standing policy that the use of drugs, including marijuana, is prohibited aboard US vessels at any time by any person. Recent State changes have not affected this policy based on Federal law. Masters must report such activities by crew or passengers upon learning of the event to USCG including discovering drugs or paraphernalia on board. Nor does a Medical Marijuana card allow it's possession or use on board.


Auklet Charter Services will make all reasonable attempts to make
our services available for all individuals.
The Auklet is a working vessel with restrictive access.
Some people may have difficulty moving about.

Auklet Charter Services, it's employees or subcontractors shall not discriminate against any person on the basis or race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, and marital or family status by curtailing, refusing to furnish or impeding the delivery of services, accommodations or in their employment practices.

Please contact us if you have any questions or need more information about
Auklet Charter Services, Prince William Sound or your travels in Alaska at . Thank You.

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Auklet Charter Services Homepage
Natural History,
Adventure Cruises
Research &
Work Trips
About Us
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